Why businesses can’t ignore the API economy

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In today’s digital economy, application programming interfaces (APIs) are everywhere. Whenever you send a tweet, check an email, catch up with news on your mobile, or buy sunglasses online, you’re using an API. Another way APIs prove their worth is when they stitch together older legacy systems and infrastructure with the latest enterprise-grade applications. In effect, […]

REST, in our (not so) humble opinion

Something Afoot In Insurance This is the first of a series of posts about what a REST API should look like. It started life as a set of internal conversations and … well, let’s call them “debates” to be generous to the participants … which eventually crystallized into a proposed co-ordinated approach to RESTful APIs. […]

The challenges facing product creation in insurance

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In today’s world, we have some clear indicators that power has shifted from companies to consumers, and consumers’ expectations are increasing exponentially due to their experiences with other services, primarily services driven by technology. This is a world of immediate information and gratification. Select industries are raising the bar for companies that operate in more traditional business […]