The rise of low-code/no-code application development platforms


“Software is eating the world.” That was the bold proclamation renowned innovator and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen expressed in an article he wrote for the Wall Street Journal. More and more businesses are being run by software, he argued, or are differentiating themselves and disrupting their competitors and industries using the same. Today, that article […]

The new face of enterprise collaboration

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Just a few weeks ago, Facebook unveiled a cloud-based collaboration platform called “Workplace.” The goal was to challenge Slack, the popular team collaboration tool used in many enterprises, by offering a familiar interface that would make it easier for employees to adopt the app en masse. Not everyone was convinced, however. “Facebook is not seen as […]

Don’t start building that mobile app until you’ve done this

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Enterprises today are under tremendous pressure to leverage the power of mobile technology to help their businesses stay competitive. While mobile devices allow employees to do their jobs anywhere and at any time, the real value of mobile technology is in applications that help workers be more productive and efficient. Though off-the-shelf mobile apps may work well for […]

48 hours at the GE Minds + Machines 2016 Hackathon

It’s amazing what sometimes fits into 48 hours. In a blog post about how to become a distinguished technologist, I recommended the following as a general, long-term heuristic for building a distinguished career: Learn a lot about things that matter Work on genuinely useful projects… with people you like and respect I watched that wisdom […]

Infra store – the next IT marketplace

We are all familiar with the Apple App Store or Google Play Store we visit every day to download apps, games and necessary updates for our phones and tablets. The app store model revolutionized the marketplace idea, making it easy for both software vendors and consumers to publish and install software without the hassles of […]

Measuring the ROI of mobile apps

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Developing mobile applications can be a tremendously costly proposition for enterprises. Thus it’s critical that apps developed in-house at great expense deliver a solid return on investment. But how can the ROI for a mobile app be measured? According to Madison Moore over at SD Times (the SD stands for software development), there are ways. The key […]

Spring cleaning the Apple App Store

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Who actually enjoys spring cleaning? (Actually, I’m a weirdo and I do in fact enjoy it, but that’s another story.) I guess Apple is somewhat like me in that respect. As I’m sure you heard a few weeks ago, Apple announced that it would clean up its App Store by removing old, outdated and “non-compliant” apps […]