Adapt or die: The only constant in technology is change


Here’s a list of 10 companies. See if you can guess what they have in common. AOL Yahoo! Geocities MSN Netscape Excite Lycos Microsoft American Greetings Infoseek So how are these companies linked? They were the 10 most-visited web properties in 1998, according to Media Metrix. Now here’s another list of companies, this from Comscore […]

The iPhone security enhancements you need to know about


Apple has officially set the date for its next iPhone event as September 12, 2018. The company is expected to announce a new line-up of iPhones and perhaps some other hardware. Of course, new phones means a new mobile operating system: iOS 12. And while iOS 12 will deliver improvements designed to increase operating system […]

Attention Apple users: New attack steals banking creds

Iphone security

A recently discovered malware targeting MacOS, named OSX/DOK, is now targeting unsuspecting Apple Mac users and attempting to steal their banking access credentials. The malware, initially discovered by researchers at Check Point Software Technologies, reportedly affects all versions of OSX, had a valid developer certificate, and targeted users via a widespread phishing attack. According to […]

A rookie’s guide to mobile virtual reality for iPhone

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The man-child boomer got the best of me, and I fell victim to the hype, going into one of my obsessive spells to try to learn everything possible about mobile virtual reality (VR) for iPhones. Despite 239 million iPhones sold, I knew that Apple, for whatever reason, wasn’t driving this craze. But I also knew I […]

10 years with the iPhone: How the enterprise has changed

For the next few months, we will be reading plenty about the first iPhone, which was unveiled by Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007, and finally released to the public less than six months later. The phone was tiny, and the display resolution blurry by today’s standards. But it included a […]

Spring cleaning the Apple App Store

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Who actually enjoys spring cleaning? (Actually, I’m a weirdo and I do in fact enjoy it, but that’s another story.) I guess Apple is somewhat like me in that respect. As I’m sure you heard a few weeks ago, Apple announced that it would clean up its App Store by removing old, outdated and “non-compliant” apps […]

What elements go into Apple iOS security?

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Apple users are now either happily picking up or awaiting delivery of their new iPhone 7s. That makes now an ideal time to review the many security elements in iPhone hardware and software design. Many assume because mobile phones are small and easy to use that they are simple devices and simple to secure. That’s a […]

Is the iPhone 7’s natural home in the enterprise?

iPhone 7 enterprise applications CSC Blogs

Apple product releases aim squarely at the consumer market, and the new iPhone 7 — along with the iOS 10 operating system — is no exception. The latest iPhone was unveiled on September 7 and goes on sale Friday, September 16. The big news out of the unveiling was that this is the first iPhone […]

Apple unveils iOS 10, Siri upgrades

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Consumers get excited when a technology company promises its latest version will be the “biggest release yet,” but for IT pros, the phrase usually conjures visions of integration and security challenges. Apple is touting iOS 10 as the most significant update yet to its mobile operating system. The iPhone maker unveiled details of iOS 10 — […]

Siri could be the talk of Apple’s annual developers conference

Apple Siri World Development Conference CSC Blogs

Apple’s annual developers conference opens in San Francisco June 13, and while the main focus of the event likely will be details of iOS 10 — the next version of the company’s mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads — don’t be surprised to hear a lot of talk about Siri, Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant. Siri […]