Getting ahead in the productivity race

In Lewis Carroll’s book “Alice Through the Looking Glass” there’s an encounter between Alice and the Red Queen. In this encounter, Alice and the Red Queen start to run. Faster and faster they go until Alice is nearly exhausted. Eventually Alice looks around and finds herself under the same tree she had been when she […]

Is Apple’s App Store security overrated?

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The prevalent wisdom in the enterprise world is that Android is a prime target of hackers and malware creators because Apple’s iOS mobile operating system and its online App Store are more secure than their counterparts from Google. Maybe it’s time to rethink the prevalent wisdom. A new report by mobile security vendor Appthority concludes: “The […]

Is it time to ditch passwords for apps?

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Is it time to access protected apps sans username and password combinations? Yes, and if a new initiative catches on, it just may happen. Even if it doesn’t: When it comes to authentication, the time has certainly arrived for new ideas for eliminating passwords. We hate passwords as users: They are a pain to create, […]

A bad week in security for Apple?

Yes, indeed, it’s been a bad week in Apple security news. Just yesterday an adware attack was discovered that targets the Apple OS X operating system, and is believed to be a viable way for attackers to insert Trojans into the systems of unsuspecting victims. According to this SC Magazine story, A new piece of […]

Apple Under Fire: Mac Zero-day Exploits Hit the Web and Firmware Worm Threat Looms

Last month security researcher Stefan Esser released details of a proof-of-concept attack against a zero-day vulnerability that resided within OS X Yosemite. The flaw makes it possible for attackers to increase their privileges on a Mac and take complete control. Fortunately, the flaw is fixed within the most recent beta version of Apple’s upcoming OS […]

Is your enterprise suffering from Apple neglect?

With nearly three-quarters (72%) of the enterprise market, Apple’s iOS mobile operating system is the undisputed king of workplace mobility. But the king does not treat its subjects equally, some complain. “Unless they commit to buying 10,000 iPads or other Apple devices,”’s Matt Kapko writes, “enterprises are essentially on their own when it comes to […]

The key to getting employees to secure their mobile devices

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Ask just about any IT professional to name the biggest threat to enterprise network and data security, and they almost assuredly will say it’s their employees. And for good reason. Until they are replaced by robots, enterprise employees will remain maddeningly human. They forget things, they cut corners, they don’t listen, they take chances (in […]

Mobile payments may get real in 2015

Every December, it seems, come predictions that mobile payments will finally take off next year. And it never quite happens. The surprisingly slow adoption rate for mobile payments is due to lack of interest among consumers (if not vendors), too many competing payment technology platforms, and insufficient distribution of NFC payment systems in retail outlets, restaurants […]