Ricarica Wireless tra convenienza e produttività

Se dovessimo elencare le prime cinque tendenze tecnologiche riguardanti l’ambiente lavorativo per il prossimo anno, probabilmente nella top 5 troveremo dispositivi connessi, tecnologie a comando vocale, realtà aumentata (AR) e intelligenza artificiale (AI). E il quinto elemento? Secondo 2.000 impiegati del Regno Unito intervistati di recente da Workthere, consulente globale per organizzazioni in cerca di […]

La carga inalámbrica tiene que ser cómoda y productiva

Si hubiera que enumerar las 5 tendencias que marcarán el año para las soluciones de tecnología profesional, probablemente todos nos acordaríamos de los dispositivos conectados, las tecnologías activadas por voz, la realidad aumentada (AR) y la inteligencia artificial (AI). Pero, ¿cuál sería el quinto elemento? Según 2.000 empleados del Reino Unido encuestados recientemente por la […]

How AR on your smartphone can boost your career


Does your smartphone support augmented reality (AR)? There’s a decent chance you don’t know! I had to check to see if mine did, which it didn’t until I downloaded Google’s ARCore AR platform. (Apple’s equivalent is ARKit.) While some older smartphones may not support these AR platforms, those that do offer users the opportunity to […]

Wireless charging is about convenience and productivity


If you had to list the top five workplace technology trends for the coming year, you’d probably pretty quickly come up with connected devices, voice-activated technologies, augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI). What would be the fifth item? According to 2,000 U.K. office workers surveyed recently by Workthere, a global consultant to organizations looking […]

Six ways retailers can push the shopping cart toward a frictionless experience

As consumers, we’ve all experienced the opposite of a frictionless shopping experience:  Long lines at checkout. Customer service representatives who are nowhere to be found. Frustration at not finding what we’re looking for. But what is a frictionless experience, and how can retailers provide it? The definitions and possibilities are many, but essentially, frictionless shopping […]

Using AR and VR to hire workers


Augmented reality (AR) and, to a lesser extent, virtual reality (VR) already are being deployed in the workplace across a number of industries to help train employees, repair equipment, visualize models and designs, and improve business logistics. But AR and VR can do more than train employees who already are on the payroll or under […]

The one skill you’ll need in the future workplace isn’t actually a skill


There was a time not long ago when you could ask a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and expect a reply that bears a fair semblance to present reality: Doctor, lawyer, baseball player, astronaut, etc. You know, jobs that people actually do! But how do you know what you […]

The coming revolution in computer usability


One of the biggest complaints among doctors and other healthcare providers is how much time they must spend entering data into devices connected to their electronic health records (EHRs) systems — time that could be better spent focusing on their patients. Two health experts writing in Harvard Business Review call for a “revolution in usability,” arguing that “voice […]

L’AR e il parabrezza smart aiuteranno i conducenti

Tra i mercati verticali che si prevede beneficeranno maggiormente della tecnologia di realtà aumentata (AR) si trovano la manifattura, il design, la vendita al dettaglio, l’assistenza sanitaria e il trasporto. La società di ricerca IDC ha dichiarato l’anno scorso, in una previsione di mercato, che anticipava un aumento delle spedizioni di cuffie AR in questi […]

Ces pare-brises intelligents qui aideront les chauffeurs


Parmi les secteurs qui devraient profiter le plus des avantages de la réalité augmentée (RA), mentionnons l’industrie, le design, la distribution, la santé et les transports. Le cabinet d’études IDC a annoncé l’année passée que les ventes de casques de RA passeraient de 10,1 millions en 2016 à près de 100 millions d’exemplaires en 2021. […]