10 books I’d recommend to my younger self

In H.G. Wells “The Time Machine”, the Time Traveler comes back from the future to take 3 books from a bookshelf in their study to return to the future. The reader (or viewer of the film) is left guessing which 3 books have been taken from the bookshelf and how they will shape the future. Thinking about […]

Computing, without a server 

Serverless Computing… I find this to be a confusing term.  The definition of serverless computing is that it doesn’t mean there is no computing infrastructure – it’s just that the “consumers” don’t have to think about them. Sounds great – I don’t have to think about under/over capacity, scale, fault tolerant etc. Really – how […]

When monolithic legacy systems jeopardize digital transformation

“Legacy-challenged” organizations increasingly must compete with enterprises that have reined in complexity. Breaking down monoliths into smaller, loosely coupled parts can be done. Large firms such as Amazon, Netflix, Capital One, The Guardian and ING have succeeded at this. They restored/created start-up-like agility capabilities while operating at scale.

Want to green your office? Cut it in half!

Barriers to digital success CSC Blogs

You don’t need to be a fan of Mad Men to be able to visualize the archetypal 1960s’ corner office. Plush carpets deep enough to lose a shoe in, a seven-foot long mahogany desk, walls lined with art and enough furniture to fill a small apartment – the executive office back then, was clearly all […]