Man the barricades? The future of the network fortress

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In the Middle Ages, technical and economic forces brought to an end centuries of military theory, as city walls became ineffective, irrelevant and even counterproductive. A similar disruption is happening now, but this time inside corporate networks. Enterprise network as the fortress Managing information security for corporate networks has always been difficult. For starters, the […]

The changing Australian workplace

The proliferation of mobile devices and Wi-Fi networks means that the nature of work has changed forever. For many Australian businesses, mobile devices are not just a fact of life; they represent a whole new potential revenue stream. For example, almost 11 million Australians have made an e-commerce transaction and 70 percent of Australians prefer […]

Why businesses can’t ignore the API economy

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In today’s digital economy, application programming interfaces (APIs) are everywhere. Whenever you send a tweet, check an email, catch up with news on your mobile, or buy sunglasses online, you’re using an API. Another way APIs prove their worth is when they stitch together older legacy systems and infrastructure with the latest enterprise-grade applications. In effect, […]

Healthcare 3.0: The benefits of an open digital health platform

You may have noticed the plethora of blogs and articles recently on the concept of “digital platform.” Setting aside semantics and current hype, I believe this architecture paradigm is very well suited for the health industry. Most health delivery organisations, such as hospitals, typically have a disparate and aging technology landscape. The political climate, failure of large health […]

Competing effectively during slower economic growth

New technologies, new competitors and empowered consumers are driving most insurers along a journey of digital transformation in some shape or form. For many insurers, a lion’s share of the IT budget is often locked up in legacy systems and “‘keeping the lights on.” Combined with lower levels of growth and profitability across the insurance […]