Digital product lifecycle management (PLM) drives innovation in the auto industry


In the automotive industry, the challenges of designing, building, selling and updating a product has become more about software than steel, and all roads lead to digital-driven product lifecycle management (PLM). Perhaps no industry is undergoing more transformation than the automotive industry, with customers demanding personalization, connectivity, self-driving features and entertainment centers. In response, carmakers […]

Pros y contras de un modelo comercial “como servicio” en el sector industrial

Mientras leía un artículo sobre Volvo, en The Manufacturer, me sorprendió lo mucho que está progresando el modelo de negocio como servicio en la industria fabricante. Durante un tiempo, se ha aplicado en esta industria el enfoque “Power by the Hour” de Rolls-Royce, pero ahora se ha expandido a una comunidad mucho más amplia, como […]

How IT can ignite digital transformation in the auto industry


The automotive industry is a good example of a traditional industry that’s undergoing digital transformation. Automakers must respond to numerous industry trends including the need to deliver higher mobility and more digital services in the car itself as well as demands by consumers for a more connected car and autonomous driving. Carmakers need to adjust […]

Le modèle industriel « as a service » : pour ou contre ?

En lisant un article dans le magazine The Manufacturer sur Volvo CE, j’ai été frappé par la progression des modèles de gestion « as-a-service » dans l’industrie manufacturière. Ils existaient depuis un certain temps avec l’approche « Power by the Hour » de Rolls-Royce (Rolls Royce ne vend pas de moteurs aux avions, mais facture le nombre […]

The pros and cons of the “as a service” business model in manufacturing

While reading, an article in The Manufacturer on Volvo CE, I was struck by just how much the trend to an as a service business model is progressing in the manufacturing industry. It has been around for some time with Rolls-Royce’s “Power by the Hour” approach but has now expanded to a much wider community of adopters […]

Can the auto industry chart a more secure future for itself?

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A year ago, a duo of hackers gave a reporter what had to be one of the wildest rides of his life when they managed to kill the engine of his Jeep while he was driving it. Anyone who drives a late-model car had to be concerned about the security of their connected vehicle after reading that […]