How to survive in a workplace where machines are doing more tasks


I do a lot of Google News searches on how certain technologies — particularly artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, automation, and robotics — are impacting both the workplace and workers. It quickly becomes clear from results of a search for “jobs and AI” or “jobs and robots” that there are two general schools of thought: […]

Doing more with less puts automation at the center of the submission process

By Sadia Ahmed and Marcy Miller The days of throwing money into research without clear objectives and goals for getting to market are gone for most life sciences companies. Today, the pressure is on to cut costs and to find ways to bring drugs to market — and to the patients who need them — […]

More enterprises bullish about impact of change


Enterprise leaders are increasingly confident that rapid changes in the workplace over the next five years will benefit their organizations. More than four out of five respondents (84 percent) to the 2018 Future Enterprise Survey by global corporate law firm Seyfarth Shaw said they were optimistic about their enterprise’s “ability to turn future-of-work changes into a business advantage,” […]

Think complex processes can’t be automated with RPA? Think again

Over the last eight years I’ve read through methodologies, use cases and capabilities and above all – watched robotic process automation (RPA) grow as a solution. I’ve never written anything about RPA so I thought it pertinent for my first-ever blog to write about something close to my heart: complex processes in the context of […]

Digital transformation: Achieve continuous improvement with BPM

by Sidnei Falcão I have observed in recent years that digital transformation has been radically changing peoples’ day-to-day work environments and companies’ business scenarios. These transformational developments span social media, 3D printers, Internet of Things (IoT), nanotechnologies, robotics and artificial intelligence, among others. Having worked with methodology and tools for business process management (BPM) since […]

DXC Bionix – Digital generation services delivery

DXC Bionix

Today’s a big day as we’ve unveiled our first sub-brand at DXC Technology — DXC Bionix™, our new digital generation services delivery model that provides a data-driven approach to intelligent automation. DXC Bionix includes three elements: Analytics and AI Lean methodology Automation Bringing these elements together enables us to achieve greater insight, speed and efficiency across […]

Is AI smart enough to accurately measure an employee’s value?


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are supposed to help enterprises become more efficient by streamlining processes and taking over tasks currently performed by those unfocused, under-motivated humans known as employees. For those enterprise workers who don’t lose their jobs to automation and machine learning, smart technologies can be used collaboratively by employees to make […]

Enterprises that use automation, AI, to slash payroll may regret it


The most common argument against the dire predictions that automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cognitive computing, natural language processing, and robots will lead to massive job loss — which already is happening and will continue to do so — is that these technologies will liberate workers from the drudgery and menial aspects of their  […]

La Robotización de Procesos de Negocio, una oportunidad para aumentar los negocios y reducir los costes operativos

¿Conoce el coste que tiene para su organización las ineficiencias que se producen en sus procesos? ¿Y cómo ello impacta en la satisfacción de sus clientes? Durante años, muchas empresas han utilizado la externalización de procesos de negocio, y en especial de aquellas tareas de tipo más repetitivo para poder centrarse en aquellas actividades que […]

Surviving AI in the workplace will require engagement, passion


Artificial intelligence (AI), robots, automation, deep-learning machines — these and similar technologies already have replaced human workers across a number of industries, including retail, financial, manufacturing, transportation, and construction. Not surprisingly, this has prompted concerns about machines taking jobs from people as enterprises seek to increase operational efficiency, lower costs, and reduce their dependence on […]