3 steps to achieve a truly variable cost structure in banking

In the current economic climate, banks have to cut spending and find efficiencies wherever possible. However, many investment banks have substantial – and increasing — cost allocations that make it nearly impossible to lower costs and provide a constant challenge. Organizations are now discovering that cost transparency and a solid understanding of their allocation are […]

Are best-of-breed systems actually best for banks?

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In the current marketplace, every bank wants to be a best-of-breed financial institution. Having the right technology and infrastructure in place can enable banks to innovate, to differentiate and to maintain a competitive edge. However, chasing best-of-breed technologies is not always the best way to become a best-of-breed bank. Instead, banks should opt for solutions […]

Banking is changing: SWOT of new and old actors

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We sometimes hear people say that an “Apple Bank” or “Google Bank” could knock out traditional banks overnight. Is that really possible? I think a knockout is absolute nonsense, but those parties definitely have capabilities to win in the long run. Remember, banking is complicated. Through history, we have seen many examples of new actors entering new markets and […]