L’avenir de l’agence bancaire

Le constat semble évident. Les clients bancaires utilisent de plus en plus les canaux digitaux, et désertent leurs agences. Le mouvement de rationalisation, voire de fermeture d’agences, semblent s’accélérer. De nombreuses banques, à l’instar de la Société Générale, du LCL ou encore de BNP Paribas, ont initié une restructuration de leur réseau d’agences. De là […]

Are best-of-breed systems actually best for banks?

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In the current marketplace, every bank wants to be a best-of-breed financial institution. Having the right technology and infrastructure in place can enable banks to innovate, to differentiate and to maintain a competitive edge. However, chasing best-of-breed technologies is not always the best way to become a best-of-breed bank. Instead, banks should opt for solutions […]

4 keys to success in the banking digital transformation

Digital transformation is no longer a choice, but a banking business imperative. Most banks have known for quite some time that they need to digitize to remain competitive. And most have begun their digital transformations. However, each organization has taken a different path to becoming a truly digital organization, and some are much farther along than […]

The lurking variable in banking transformation

In studying explanatory and response variables, statistics instructs us to not overlook the lurking variable. This is one that isn’t being studied but could influence the relationship between variables that are being considered. Take the recent reductions in expense and staff at banking institutions. It would seem that, with billions of dollars in reductions in expense and […]