Seeing the Big Picture: Best Practices in Business Process Development

Life sciences companies have been outsourcing their publishing activities for many years now and gaining significant benefit from those outsourcing relationships. There are opportunities beyond publishing, however, and many companies are missing out on gaining real business process improvements because they aren’t tapping into best practices and innovative developments that can drive agility and harmonization. […]

The many ways to undermine your analytics program

Most C-suite executives and IT decision makers know that a good analytics program can benefit the enterprise in a number of ways. But it’s worth remembering that a poorly designed or executed analytics program not only will offer no benefits, it may become the source of (and justification for) poor strategic and operational decisions. Over […]

Are you following the ’10 commandments’ of enterprise mobility?

Mobile technology has been around the enterprise long enough for IT professionals to gain a sense of what strategies and processes best enable mobile devices and applications to benefit the business. This has led to the emergence of best practices for mobile technology in the enterprise. One such list comes from Enterprise Mobility Exchange (EME), an […]