Data never sleeps – but that doesn’t mean it’s ready to play

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Late last year, a very cool infographic was circling social media showing the amount of data generated every minute of every day by Internet users. The “Data Never Sleeps 2.0” graphic, by data platform vendor Domo, pulled numbers from a variety of sources to put the “bigness” of big data in context. Here are some […]

The Internet of (Cross-Cultural) Things

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Is there any such thing as a truly universal IT product, service or data stream? Or is cultural baggage inherent to anything done on a global scale? I’ve made a career out of curating “messaging” gaffes around the world and teaching companies how to avoid them. So how could I not be interested in the cross-cultural implications […]

The possibilities big data brings to maritime

I recently took a deep dive into news related to the use of Internet of Things (IoT), automation and big data analytics in the maritime industry and found some exciting developments in this promising space. I read about ferries in the Oslo Fjord using an IoT platform to indicate and communicate real-time route intention to […]