Analytique : pourquoi de nombreux projets échouent sur le terrain


Cela fait maintenant quelques années que les entreprises ont commencé à s’intéresser aux solutions de big data et d’analytique, et un changement évident est en train de se produire. Les entreprises laissent de côté « l’analytique expérimentale » pour passer à « l’analytique industrielle », car elles ont une meilleure idée du type de résultats […]

Por qué tantos proyectos de analytics fallan al ponerse en práctica

Desde hace unos años que las organizaciones se basan en aplicaciones de big data y analytics, y ahora se está claramente dando un cambio. Las empresas están comenzando a pasar de la “analítica experimental” a la “analítica industrializada” a medida que perciben mejor los tipos de resultados comerciales que pueden lograr. Pero no es el […]

Perché così tanti progetti di analisi falliscono quando si mettono in pratica


Da qualche anno fa le aziende si basano su applicazioni di big data e analitica, e ora sta avvenendo un chiaro cambiamento. Stanno iniziando a passare da “analytics sperimentali” a “analytics industrializzati” in quanto possono ottenere una migliore idea dei tipi di risultati di business che si possono raggiungere. Ma non è il tipo di […]

The issues that torpedo big data projects and how to avoid them


You’ve heard the stats that say many big data projects fail. So, what can you do to stand up an analytics solution with the confidence that it will help you achieve your business outcomes? Here are a few causes, and solutions. Often, the issues that torpedo big data projects are a lack of experience and […]

How AI and analytics will transform the auto industry


The race to build fully autonomous cars has gone into hyperdrive, with major carmakers such as GM, Daimler, BMW and Audi promising SAE Level 5 autonomous driving by sometime in 2021. Goldman Sachs predicts that robo taxis will grow the ride-hailing and sharing business from $5 billion in revenue today to $285 billion by 2030. […]

Looking for trends in London insurance market processing data

by John Taylor It’s that time of year again. Right now, I’m looking at a year’s worth of processing stats for the London Market and considering what trends, if any, we can see. With so much talk about London losing market share, insurtech [insurance technology] disruption, innovative technologies and market relevance, can we inform the […]

Why so many analytics projects fail when moving out of the lab and into the field


It’s been a few years now since companies began dabbling with big data and analytics applications, and a clear shift is now happening. Enterprises are beginning to move from “experimental analytics” to “industrialized analytics” as they get a better feel for the kinds of business outcomes they can realize. But it’s not the kind of […]

Tracking employee well-being with big data: Workplace utopia or dystopia?


A number of factors can impact employee productivity, including how well a worker’s skills and training match the needs of the job, the quality of tools available for doing a particular job, managerial effectiveness (guidance and feedback), and an individual employee’s own drive and determination. While personal drive and determination arguably are the most important […]

L’intelligence artificielle dans le secteur de l’assurance, ou comment offrir un produit plus personnalisé, accessible et modulable.

À quand remonte la dernière fois que votre compagnie d’assurance s’est rendue compte que vous avez eu un changement de vie (se marier, acheter une maison, avoir un enfant, …), pour modéliser un contrat juste pour vous ? Et vous l’a présenté sans que vous l’ayez demandé ? Sans empiéter sur la vie privée, c’est […]

Progress for cloud-enabled robots


Robots have become smart, but when you use cloud resources to run them, they can become even smarter – and faster. While cloud-enabled robotics has been around in some form since 2011, some companies have recently taken the field from theory to practice. PerceptIn, for example, is prepping cutting-edge surveillance robots that incorporate proprietary object-recognition […]