Decentralization – The Napster-Metallica connection

In early 2000, members of the band Metallica heard a demo of their song “I Disappear” on the radio.  The problem was that the song wasn’t scheduled to be officially released until later that year to coincide with the “Mission: Impossible II” movie soundtrack.  The source of the leaked track was traced back to the then […]

Blockchain in Healthcare: SWOT Analysis

Following on from one of my previous blog post entries, I would like to take this time to once again write about the potential of Blockchain in Healthcare. I have crafted the SWOT analysis below to evaluate the current state of Blockchain in Healthcare, its potential and what we can expect going forward. Please click […]

Blockchain in healthcare: From theory to reality

This month, I’ve been looking at a very interesting topic that is receiving an increasing amount of attention within the IT landscape; Blockchain. Blockchain is a public ledger of transactions, which was originally founded to cater to Bitcoin transactions. Although Blockchain is much more well established within the financial services sector, it is gradually making […]