Real or sci-fi: Robotic software automation

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Is it possible to automate new business processes without IT integration? How old are you? Remember “screen scraping”? You plugged a lead into a computer terminal’s auxiliary port in order to intercept the characters displayed. This information could then be fed to another program. Screen scraping was a crude way to integrate two systems and so […]

BPM’s identity crisis – Part 2 of a series

No one is quite sure when the term BPM was first coined. Everyone credits MIT professor Michael Hammer for the term “business process reengineering” or BPR, but the origins of BPM are less clear. To many, BPM still means “Beats Per Minute.” Paul Harmon, editor of BPTrends, has said in the past that he sometimes […]

Whither business process management?

My good friend and colleague Roger Burlton has kindly invited me to sit on a “Ten Years After” panel at BPM Europe 2015 (16-17 June, London). Roger’s idea is for those who were “there at the beginning and still in the field” to discuss what progress we have made and to speculate about what might […]