OmniLocation: Why your end-to-end logistics doesn’t have to be invisible


Real-time, end-to-end visibility. This is the proverbial holy grail of supply chain and logistics operations. For years, it’s been complex and costly to capture and analyze location and condition data from the time a product leaves an overseas plant to the moment it hits the store shelf. For most, it’s been too costly to get […]

Adopting a hybrid data management approach

Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Uber and Airbnb have shown how to build scalable data-centric foundations and disrupt traditional markets. Others will have to decide if they can lead as market disruptors or follow the leaders by perfectly executing their digital transformations to defend their market positions and extend their systems to new digital […]

Data analytics done wrong: Avoid sowing the seeds of failure

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Enterprises that launch analytics programs with the expectation that their businesses will be transformed often are disappointed with the results, which in turn leads to disillusionment and cynicism about analytics. But in most cases, it’s the enterprise that undermines analytics, rather than the other way around. As analytics consultant and expert Meta Brown writes in […]

The key to getting a return on your analytics investment

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A recent IDG survey of IT executives underscores the growing role of data analytics in the enterprise. Asked about their tech investment plans for 2016, 50% of these IT pros said they intended to invest more in business intelligence and analytics, while 47% said they’d spend more on predictive analytics. Those were two of the […]

These companies are using data analytics to improve their businesses

Nothing spurs enterprise adoption of new technology more than tangible proof that the emerging technology is benefiting similar businesses (particularly competitors). Sometimes, though, it’s hard for IT professionals and enterprise decision-makers to cut through the chatter to find real-life examples of technology adoption to study and emulate. For enterprise leaders interested in how big data […]

How to extract business value from big data

Enterprises have a growing number of tools designed to collect, store and analyze big data. But simply building a Hadoop cluster or buying data analytics software isn’t going to guarantee an enterprise it will extract business value from its big data, particularly if it wants actionable information in real time. For a big data project to succeed, […]