Le modèle industriel « as a service » : pour ou contre ?

En lisant un article dans le magazine The Manufacturer sur Volvo CE, j’ai été frappé par la progression des modèles de gestion « as-a-service » dans l’industrie manufacturière. Ils existaient depuis un certain temps avec l’approche « Power by the Hour » de Rolls-Royce (Rolls Royce ne vend pas de moteurs aux avions, mais facture le nombre […]

The pros and cons of the “as a service” business model in manufacturing

While reading, an article in The Manufacturer on Volvo CE, I was struck by just how much the trend to an as a service business model is progressing in the manufacturing industry. It has been around for some time with Rolls-Royce’s “Power by the Hour” approach but has now expanded to a much wider community of adopters […]

Digitalization: The formula for success

A recent survey among German, Austrian and Swiss IT decision-makers has shown, for the second year, that companies and industries in these three countries are, to varying degrees, lagging behind in terms of digitalization. This is partly due to an underestimation of the trend’s significance, which of course I and my colleagues at DXC do not share. In addition, there […]

Building a new world: Moving to the platform era

Agility Platform update

Business platforms are nothing new. Steam power, the electricity grid and desktop computer operating systems have all created “ecosystems” of related businesses, products and services. But to compete in the digital era, it’s imperative for every business to understand what type of platform will serve it best, how its business model must change and how to make the transition. Businesses must re-imagine themselves in terms […]

Notre série sur les 4 D du mix-digital – 1er D : Disruption des modèles économiques

Par Pierre Kalfon, partner Transformation Digitale chez CSC Désormais familier, le terme de disruption semble être apparu avec et pour le digital. Comme si nous n’avions pas de mot approprié pour qualifier cette subite remise en cause des fondamentaux de l’entreprise, de sa stratégie jusqu’à son mode de fonctionnement. Les résultats de l’édition 2016 du […]

Are you an Eco-System Driver? Business models for the digital age

I have talked before about the Collaborative Economy (see 2016: Is it the Year of the Collaborative Economy), which is based on building a platform to aggressively scale assets, create APIs to share as well as plug in other APIs. This uses a Collaborative Value Chain approach. I have since been thinking about how to compare and […]

A Prototype Business Model Simulator

I’ve been researching business model simulation and wanted to share a beta version of the model for review and comment. I’ve published the model in the form of an interactive web application in the hopes that readers will open the app, play around with it, and provide me with feedback. The simulation was created by […]

Business Model Innovation Needs to Be More of a (Data) Science

There’s a problem with how we commonly approach business model innovation. We tend to treat it as though it were an art. We try to innovate with more creative ideation, stronger phase gates or smaller trial-and-error cycles — and it’s not working.