“2016 : l’année du retour au réalisme pour la transformation digitale”

2016 : l’année du retour au réalisme pour la transformation digitale

L’an dernier, beaucoup d’ambitions étaient affichées, mais se heurtaient à une capacité de mise en œuvre encore limitée. 2016 s’annonce bien plus pragmatique, avec une prise en compte des impacts humains, mais aussi de l’ensemble des composantes du changement digital. Explications des 4D du mix-digital par Pierre Kalfon, Partner, Transformation Digitale chez CSC. Pierre Kalfon […]

While Digital is Mobile, Mobile is Not Digital: Reflecting on The 2015 Gartner Symposium

Many individuals within the tech industry converged last week in Orlando for the annual Gartner Symposium and ITXpo.  Over 13,000 people attended the conference, and you won’t be surprised to hear that CSC was there along with them.  I had the opportunity to connect with old friends and also to speak with a number of […]

Digitize for Simplicity

The word “Digital” has been used for a long time in a number of different ways. From equipment makers (DEC) to a social marketing term to (present day) everything digital. “Digital” has probably become the most bastardized word lately. You can’t read a trade rag without digital transformation, digital economy, digital strategy, digital blah and […]

We Know What Our Customers Want – We’ve Worked With Them For years. But …

I’ve heard this statement many times and it is often followed by a “…our new digital initiative or campaign is not working as expected”. The reasons why digital endeavors fail are many but in my experience one ancient business foe is often at the heart of the limited success – expectations. Many companies have experienced […]

Your Mobility Strategy Is So… 2015

My wife and I are about to embark on an extremely challenging journey. We’re getting ready to renovate our home. It’s going to be a very time consuming, stressful and costly project.  While I am extremely apprehensive about going through the renovation, I know that at the end it will be well worth it.  As […]

Digital Enterprise Architecture (Digital-EA)

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A recent article in Wired magazine amused me. It painted a picture of an enterprise architect named Bob who found himself excluded from the “digital” initiative at his company. The Wired author suggested that he drop the word “enterprise” from his title, mess up and dye his hair, get some body piercings and join the marketing team as […]

Digital strategies are occurring… at the speed of dial-up

The adjective “digital” has become a Turrets’ tick of sorts in virtually every C-suite and LOB around the world – digital disruption, chief digital officer, digital leadership, digital innovation and of course “digital strategy.” There is a dichotomy in the imagery of digital as ultra-high-speed 60 gigahertz technology while the organizational aspects are occurring at […]