To stay ahead, CIOs must think far ahead

CIO looking ahead

Technology change can be incremental or transformational. Organizations that embrace the latest cool tech toy without regard to how it fits into overall business strategies and goals are doomed to incremental change — which, in the dynamic digital economy, can sometimes be a death sentence. Transformational change, in contrast, requires a long-term view of technology […]

Come preparare i tuoi dipendenti per l’arrivo dell’AI


Una delle principali linee guida dell’innovazione tecnologica è che ogni nuovo prodotto dovrebbe essere presente per supportare l’utente umano, e non viceversa. L’idea di robot che sottraggono posti di lavoro è preoccupante, soprattutto viste le previsioni che sono state fatte su come l’automazione sostituirà milioni di lavoratori, in particolare quelli in posizioni di bassa specializzazione. […]

How to prepare your workforce for the arrival of AI


One of the guiding principles of technology innovation is that any new product should be there to adapt and support the human user not vice versa. The notion of robots taking away jobs is frightening, especially given the dire predictions that have been made about how automation will replace millions of workers, particularly those in […]

The tech talent shortage: Real, vastly overblown, or an outright lie? (You tell us!)


The common wisdom in the tech industry in recent years is that there’s a shortage of qualified tech talent, making it difficult for enterprises to hire, attract, or even find technology workers with the skills and/or experience necessary to leverage technologies such as mobile, data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and more. That’s not even […]