What’s ahead for the Infrastructure as a Service market?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the most mature of all the cloud pillars and is offered by many providers. With IaaS, providers rent out computer hardware — servers, network technology, storage and data center space — so that organizations don’t have to buy it and install it in their own data centers. Customers can provision […]

Hints and tips for developing your cloud strategy in 2017

Are you developing a cloud strategy? Have you defined clear decision criteria to determine if your organisation can migrate specific IT services to the cloud? Let’s take a look at cloud services from a few perspectives; it can help you in your journey to the cloud. What is a Cloud Service? Today, cloud is a common term […]

Avoiding the ‘Hotel California’ experience in cloud

JP Morgan advisors recently released a 50-page document outlining the results of a CIO survey. The headline: Public cloud solutions are growing by 20% at the expense of traditional on-premise vendors. This is remarkable but not surprising. During a conversation I had recently with a CIO, we validated this trend. In fact, he had attended an event […]