Five ways cloud automated IT adds value to the director role


This blog was originally published by Concerto Cloud Services. Since then, Concerto Cloud Services has become DXC Concerto, the mid-market cloud offering within DXC Technology. IT Directors, and those functioning as part of their operational and leadership roles, often cite the numerous hours required fixing bugs, solving tickets and maintaining operations as the reason for their […]

Docker embraces Kubernetes with Docker Enterprise 2.0


It turns out Docker was serious about adopting Kubernetes. Docker has its own container orchestration program, Docker Swarm mode, but the company saw the wind was blowing towards Kubernetes so it added Kubernetes to its selection of orchestration tools in October 2017. But, there’s adoption and then there’s “Adoption.” With the first you announce you’ll […]

Is Mesosphere surrendering to Kubernetes?


Until recently there were three major contenders for the spot as top cloud container orchestration program: Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and Mesosphere. It’s now down to two. Mesosphere has thrown in the towel and is adopting Kubernetes into DC/OS. Is this really a surrender? Mesosphere CEO Florian Leibert argues it’s not. His position is Mesosphere and Kubernetes […]

The rise of container orchestration storage standards


Containers are everywhere and thanks to Docker, CoreOS, and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), we have container standards pretty much nailed down. When it comes to container orchestration, we have three major contenders, Docker Swarm, Mesosphere, and Kubernetes, with Kubernetes pulling into the lead. But, when it comes to container orchestration storage standards we […]

GigaSpaces spins off open-source Cloudify cloud management and orchestration program

Managing a cloud isn’t easy. Managing multiple clouds is even harder. That’s a big reason Cloudify has gained in popularity. Despite that, its parent company, GigaSpaces Technologies, has elected to spin Cloudify off so it can focus on its in-memory transaction processing programs. Cloudify will become a new company. Its focus will be on the […]

Docker now includes built-in container orchestration

Container Docker Orchestration CSC Blogs

Docker, the 800-pound gorilla of container technology, has recently added a new and very important trick to its magic act: Orchestration. For musicians, orchestration means writing music for a particular musical group. For those us in IT, orchestration is the automated installation, coordination and management of complex software systems. We know orchestration best these days […]

Cloud computing: It’s not just a bunch of servers

Some things never change. Some people never learn. I’m getting tired of this. How many times do I have to explain that cloud computing is not the same thing as just having a bunch of servers or virtual servers? Yes, I know at a superficial level a traditional data center looks a lot like a […]