Secteur public : les drones débarquent, les leaders du cloud se préparent

Que cela vous plaise ou non, les drones s’apprêtent à faire leur entrée dans le secteur public. La « Cloud Security Alliance » (CSA) s’est alliée à une initiative mondiale à but non lucratif, Securing Smart Cities, pour mettre en place les premiers éléments qui permettront le déploiement des drones dans le secteur public. Leur rapport, coécrit […]

Clouds cast long security shadow over enterprise IT

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If you need more evidence that shadow IT is taking hold in enterprises, look no further than the most recent Intel Security Cloud Report. The headline finding is that roughly 40% of cloud services are bought and used without the involvement of enterprise IT. We’ve known that shadow IT has been a problem for quite awhile, but I […]

What’s ahead for security and cloud adoption?

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2017 is believed to mark a major turning point in cloud adoption, bringing a rapid acceleration even among those companies and industries that have been reluctant to adopt the cloud in the past due to data security and privacy concerns. Marking a major shift from just two years ago, numerous CEOs and CIOs of global […]

Municipal drones are coming — and cloud leaders are getting prepared

Like it or hate it, government drones are coming to your block. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a leading organization dedicated to ensuring a secure cloud computing environment is working with Securing Smart Cities, a nonprofit global initiative focused on smart city cybersecurity, to set up drone guidelines. Their report, co-authored by the CSA Internet of Things (IoT) […]

Secure clouds for secure agencies

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Sure, we’re all concerned about cloud security, but maybe the cloud really is more secure than we think it is. After all, if cloud security is good enough for the CIA, maybe it’s good enough for you too. Indeed, some companies have worked out that it’s easier to protect data on the cloud than it is […]

Increasingly unfounded cloud fears stubbornly remain

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There’s a new cloud security survey out this week, and it shows what I’ve been arguing for some time: Security, while still named a top concern of cloud adoption, is not the No. 1 issue. Most industry leaders agree that the security provided by top-tier cloud providers is equal, if not superior, to what many organizations can do in-house when […]

The 4 critical pillars of secure cloud adoption

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Cloud Computing is now mainstream – but are you ready? You can’t ignore the relentless march to everything in the cloud with cloud adoption truly moving into mainstream these days. Organisations in almost every country and industry now acknowledge the value that the cloud has to offer and are embracing the use of cloud services. […]

Seven simple steps to cloud data security

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Scared of losing your data on the cloud? Who can blame you? According to Alert Logic, a cloud security company, “Cyber attacks are on the rise.” At the same time, “reports show that 87% of organizations are making use of cloud infrastructure. … This means: 1) Organizations are making use of public clouds now more […]