Cinco claves para mejorar el almacenamiento en la nube

A medida que las empresas migran a la nube, la gestión de sus datos se convierte en elemento crucial. Hay muchas opciones disponibles, por lo que es importante que sepan exactamente cómo quieren estructurar y almacenar sus datos. Sobre todo, asegurarse de qué buscan, para identificar el almacenamiento que necesitan. O, dicho de otro modo, […]

Five keys to cloud storage optimization


As enterprises migrate to the cloud, data management has emerged as a crucial consideration. Many options are available, so it is important for enterprises to know exactly how they want to structure and store their data. Above all, you need to establish the criteria you are looking for, in order to effectively evaluate what kind […]

Extending your data center to cloud: The Microsoft hybrid approach

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This article will be the first of 3 entries on using Microsoft cloud for your IT infrastructure. The series will cover storage, network and compute aspects of cloud platform. So without further ado, let’s start with the first one. When we talk about cloud storage, obviously there are many choices. Different vendors, different products provided from different […]