¿Sobrevivirán los CIOs a la evolución de las TI?

Hace unos días, compartí un artículo interesante en LinkedIn que aseguraba que los responsables de marketing tendrán en breve mayor participación en el presupuesto de TI que los CIOs. Y me sorprendió la discusión que provocó. Los comentarios iban desde citar el famoso artículo de Nick Carr, de hace una década, “Las TI no importan” […]

Les DSI survivront-ils à l’évolution de la technologie ?

La semaine dernière j’ai posté sur Linkedin un article qui expliquait comment les directeurs du marketing seront prochainement amenés à  contrôler une plus grande partie du budget informatique que les propres DSI. Les débats qui en ont découlé m’ont pour le moins surpris. Les commentaires, assez variés, citent le célèbre article de Nick Carr intitulé […]

Flipping the Sales to Marketing headcount ratio

In 2010, CEB showed that B2B buyers were 56% through the purchase decision when they engaged with a supplier sales/account rep (including incumbent suppliers) for the first time. (56% was a global number; I believe the Australia number was closer to 65%). This research identified the most successful sales profile for a complex sale as the “Challenger.” One key aspect of this profile is that the Challenger operates where buyers are “learning,” getting in much earlier in the purchase decision pathway and having a greater sales impact. Many organisations have embraced the Challenger model. (In fact, I too was an […]

Becoming CMO 3.0

Customers seek agile interactions, painless fulfillment and, most of all, memorable experiences. CMOs are increasingly embracing a new priority: identifying new and recurring revenue opportunities and optimising the consumer experience to maximize customer lifetime value. Yet whilst most CMO’s have being doing digital for years now, they have typically been stand-alone activities, either via their creative […]

Is procurement a technology innovation buzz-killer?

I recently attended a startup conference that focused on citizen engagement technology designed for cities. I’ve been to hundreds of technology startup conferences over the years but this was the first that had a full-day track on the complexities of getting early-stage technologies past the procurement police. Granted, most startups don’t have to deal with […]

Communicating Data Strategies to the Proletariat

I’ve reeled on for 10 years about the need for enterprises to shift to a data culture in order to avoid marginalization in the digital marketplace. Obviously I didn’t need much help in recent years, given that people by now have heard almost too much about big data or data science. Most enterprises now have some […]

D-Suite Darwinism

If the infatuation with the Chief Digital Officer in the C-Suite was not enough, we now find that many pundits think they should actually have a “D-Suite” of their own. I’m feeling a bit neglected. I never recall marketing having an “M-Suite” or IT having an “T-Suite.” We were simply happy to have a seat […]

Enter the new CIO: The Content Information Officer?

I can hear the groans after reading of yet another way of bastardizing the CIO title while adding another C-Title to the already crowded management matrix. I’ve been on the record as a longtime contrarian about the mushy Chief Digital Officer moniker and cautious about the new wave of Chief Data Officers. So why on […]

The case for shadow marketing to build the “digital brand called IT”

Hundreds of articles, blogs and seminars have focused on the extreme anxiety caused by the persistence of shadow IT within the businesses. The root causes range from the perception of an absence of the dynamic skills sets required for the now-trendy SMAC-ronym (social, mobile, analytics and cloud); to a persisting sense of the stereotypical “slow […]