Cognitive computing and AI help insurers’ contact center personnel succeed


Cognitive computing and artificial intelligence (AI) present a new set of possibilities throughout insurance organizations, and can provide clear benefits within contact centers. Cognitive computing and AI capabilities are breathing new life into existing applications, creating new applications to provide deep insights and enabling insurers to drive transformation and innovation while achieving better business results. […]

The skepticism maturity model

Bleeding edge technology has always been analogous with a healthy degree of skepticism. In the late 1800s the popular cry, “Get a horse!” greeted almost every automobile that appeared on the roads. Many doubted that television could have ever killed the radio star, as was later popularized in the lyrics of the famous track by […]

From a World of Watson to a World WITH Watson

Cognitive — the most used word at this year’s World of Watson demonstrated a shift away from terms like artificial intelligence and machine learning in what felt like an attempt to almost “humanise” the overall proposition. Keynote speakers, such as New York Times columnist Tom Friedman (@tomfriedman), talked about Industry 4.0 as the “cognitive era,” predicting that […]

A craft beer made with social media, human sentiment and analytics

Craft brew SMAC CSC blogs

The ingredients for making beer typically include grains, hops, yeast and water. But IBM and Havas helia, a digital marketing agency that uses analytics (along with intuition and creativity) to help businesses build brands, recently joined forces to craft a beer based on an analysis of human sentiments expressed on social media. Using a linguistic […]