Are our digital workplace tools working against us?


Consumerization of the enterprise, the story goes, has helped usher in an era of unprecedented productivity as employees leverage the digital tools and platforms of their choice to do their jobs. But is that story more fable than fact? Are employees who insist they can effectively multitask fooling themselves and their employers? And are enterprises […]

Environnement de travail : bientôt sans bureau ?


Plus de mobilité et de télétravail : la tendance en entreprise ne montre aucun signe d’essoufflement, tant que les employés aspirent à plus de flexibilité quant aux lieux et horaires de travail. Un peu moins d’un employé sur trois (32%) – et moins d’un tiers des employés de la génération Y (27%) –  passent la totalité […]

Workplace of the future may not have an actual workplace


The trend toward an increasingly mobile and remote work force shows no sign of stopping as employees demand flexibility in where and when they do their jobs. Fewer than one in three employees (32%) — and even fewer Millennial employees (27%) — spent all of their working hours this year in their organization’s physical office, […]

Using digital tools to predict employee moods (And is this even a good idea?)


INT. THE HR OFFICE OF A LARGE ENTERPRISE An HR manager greets TOM, a company executive, and both sit down. HR MANAGER Hi Tom. We had our HR bot ask you to come in today because, quite frankly, we’re a little concerned about you. TOM What do you mean? HR MANAGER Well, the latest sentiment analysis of your […]

Workplace collaboration advice for introverts

You walk into a restaurant on your own and see that there are two choices for where to sit. To your left there’s a bar with a few people sitting around talking, the barman looks chatty and you recognize one of the group as an acquaintance. To your right there’s an alcove with a table […]

Elegir la plataforma de colaboración adecuada ahorra tiempo y dinero


La tecnología digital abre el camino hacia una nueva generación de herramientas de colaboración entre puestos de trabajo que facilita el intercambio de ideas, la coordinación de acciones o el desarrollo de productos, con la intervención de varios empleados.  Pero, con tantas plataformas de colaboración disponibles, ¿cómo elegir las herramientas que sean más eficaces y […]

Choisir le bon logiciel de travail collaboratif : une économie de temps et d’argent


La technologie numérique a permis la création d’une nouvelle génération d’outils de collaboration dans le monde de l’entreprise qui permettent aux employés de mettre leurs idées en commun, de coordonner leurs activités et de développer conjointement des produits. Mais quand l’offre en matière de logiciels de travail collaboratif est si grande, comment les dirigeants d’entreprise […]

Choosing the right collaboration platform saves money and time

Digital technology has enabled a new generation of workplace collaboration tools that allow employees to brainstorm, coordinate activities and jointly develop products. But with so many collaboration platforms available, how do enterprise leaders choose the tools that will be most effective — and most widely adopted? It’s a genuine dilemma, as any enterprise employee who has […]

Is Workplace the right collaboration tool for your enterprise?

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Thanks to digital technology and changing work cultures, more and more enterprise employees are able to work wherever and whenever they want. At the same time — and as a byproduct of the trend toward location independence — enterprise workers have a greater desire and/or need for tools that allow them to collaborate with colleagues. From […]