Innovation in project management: Can it be done?

Successful businesses today focus time and energy on innovation, on pushing employees to try new and different ways of working. That got me thinking — how can we innovate in project management? Innovating in IT hardware is relatively common: Look at the success of ARM or the general agreement that surrounds Moore’s Law. Even innovation in […]

The new ways of working

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With Generation Y, a new generation of young, well-educated people with a high affinity for technology and modern means of communication join the workforce. Raised in the era of Internet and smartphones, this generation has lots of talent to bring to the marketplace, forcing employers to compete for the “best talent” in the bunch. In return, these workers place […]

When silence is golden — and when it’s not

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Communication in the workplace can be complicated. What to say, what not to say, how to say it with dignity, respect and without expressing the wrong intent — it’s a hard balance that can take years to perfect. And what’s challenging in a face-to-face world becomes even more complicated in a digital one. When communication turns into keystrokes, we may find ourselves “saying” things we would […]

Meet, e-mail, Facebook or SnapChat: should you “network”?

In a word, YES!  If you are interacting with humans during the day, you are networking. Whether you think that way at the time, every interaction you have with someone is either deepening or damaging your network, and your brand. Here’s my thoughts after reading countless books and my personal experience – successes and failures. […]