A leap into the unknown: Behind the blog


I’m Nieko. And before you continue reading this post or scroll to the bottom to see my photo, I want to surprise you. I’m a girl — a girl with a guy’s name. That’s something I’ve surprised many, many people with the first time they speak to me over the phone or meet me in […]

Leveraging the ‘normal’ in smart city communications

A memorable cartoon shows a store with two tables, one labeled “Toys for Normal Children,” the other labeled “Toys for Gifted Children.” The former had no customers; the latter was three deep. Apply that analogy to smart cities. Can you imagine an elected official shopping at the “normal city” table? I would argue that so many […]

Co-creation: Perfecting the dance of media creators

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Media workers have long been collaborating across time and space. From towncriers spreading news through medieval towns to telegrams announcing everything from the Wright Brothers’ first flight to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we’ve found ways to share information across long distances. And digital technology makes the task easier than ever. While once media relied […]

CIOs must publish or perish

It struck me as I looked at a boutique financial firm’s brag sheet stating $2 billion under management that this was very similar to the vanity metrics of corporate IT – only in the case of CIOs, the metric is more focused on “petabytes under management.” This is perfectly logical in a “container-centric” model where […]

Communicating Data Strategies to the Proletariat

I’ve reeled on for 10 years about the need for enterprises to shift to a data culture in order to avoid marginalization in the digital marketplace. Obviously I didn’t need much help in recent years, given that people by now have heard almost too much about big data or data science. Most enterprises now have some […]