IoT in fuel cards: The potential of the connected fleet

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The self-driving car. What once seemed like a bit of folklore has come to life on the streets of American cities – and should soon be motoring people – and things – around the world. Tesla’s Elon Musk recently promised a new auto with the highest level of autonomy to be available to the public […]

Staying safe – and connected – at sea

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It’s well known to anyone who followed the “Captain Phillips” saga (or saw the Tom Hanks film about the Somali pirate takeover of a container ship) that real-life pirates still hijack vessels, take hostages and seize precious cargo at sea. But perhaps less widely realised is the fact that “pirates” can attack vessels in other […]

Asset management: The primary asset

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40 trillion Euros by 2030. That’s the experts’ best guess on the global investments needed to expand public infrastructure sufficiently to keep up with the expected rate of economic growth. This number equals a 4 followed by 13 zeroes and is only slightly less than 10 times the 2015 GDPs of Austria, Germany and Switzerland combined. According to a recent survey of 100 […]

Healthcare Needs to Consider the End-to-End Patient Journey

Healthcare in France – as with the rest of the world – is probably undergoing one of the most significant shifts in history. While the 20th century gave birth to the most significant advances in the acute care space, the 21st century is facing the challenge of growth in health expenditure that is no longer […]