What can we learn from the Amazon-Whole Foods deal?

Amazon made a splash recently with its new Amazon Go store concept. Then last week, Amazon had everybody talking with an announcement that it would acquire the Whole Foods supermarket chain. The ripple effects were immediately seen in the stock performance of other grocery retailers, and experts across many industries were speculating on the business move and its impact. […]

Retailers embracing mobile for customers, employees — and survival

Retailers have gotten a taste of how mobile technologies can help their business — and they want more, please. A new report by Boston Retail Partners (BRP) concludes that retailers “are focused on significantly expanding the use of mobile technology for customer identification, customer engagement, associate training and task management, point of sale (POS) and […]

Security: The new key to retail consumer engagement

It’s time for retailers to stop treating cybersecurity as an afterthought. Major cyber breaches are now not only common but also well publicized. Consumers are understandably wary. Gaining their trust has become more challenging — and more important — than ever. Don’t believe it? Recent surveys have found that the majority of consumers are very aware […]

La tecnología móvil potencia el comercio de cercanía

Durante décadas, la principal ventaja de las tiendas de cercanía era, justo eso, su cercanía. Son esos lugares que,  justo al final de nuestra calle, están siempre ahí, cuando nos quedamos sin leche, gasolina o, en contra de cualquier razón o juicio, queremos helado de menta a las 10:45 de la noche. Servir a fines […]

Comment la technologie mobile donne un coup de pouce au commerce de proximité

Pendant des années le seul avantage des commerces de proximité était… justement ça, leur proximité. Cet endroit au coin de la rue où vous pouvez vous rendre pour vous dépanner d’une bouteille de lait, faire le plein d’essence ou calmer une folle envie de glace avec pépites de chocolat passé 20h00. Très pratique me diriez-vous, […]

Mobile technology makes convenience stores more convenient

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For decades, the main selling point of convenience stores has been, well, convenience. They’re the places right down the street where you go when you’re out of milk, need to fill up your gas tank or decide, against all reason and judgment, that you simply must have mint chocolate chip ice cream at 10:45 p.m. Serving […]