Listen up! Why your organization needs a voice technology strategy


Much like mobile devices a decade ago, voice technology is rapidly infiltrating the enterprise through employees looking for more ways to be efficient and productive. Whether it’s an employee or customer, users are the driving force behind many emerging consumer workplace technologies. Voice is no different; Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri, and others now are […]

Make your mobile apps a gift for customers and employees

Digital and mobile technologies have empowered consumers like never before, enabling them to conduct research and make purchases on the go with connected smart devices. This creates a growing challenge for enterprises competing for consumer dollars and loyalty. Increasing consumer expectations, particularly with millennials, makes buyers simply intolerant of poor customer support, inadequate apps and confusing interfaces. If something’s not […]

The new face of enterprise collaboration

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Just a few weeks ago, Facebook unveiled a cloud-based collaboration platform called “Workplace.” The goal was to challenge Slack, the popular team collaboration tool used in many enterprises, by offering a familiar interface that would make it easier for employees to adopt the app en masse. Not everyone was convinced, however. “Facebook is not seen as […]

If you don’t get the user experience right, your enterprise technology will fail

Smart enterprises deploy technologies with purpose; otherwise they’re frittering away money and valuable IT resources. And the purpose of any enterprise technology roll-out, ultimately, must be to serve the goals of the business. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Enterprises today are using digital technologies such as mobile apps, collaboration software, cloud […]

‘Mobile first’ really means ‘user first’

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How people search for information on mobile devices is changing, according to contributor John Rampton. His column focuses on the significance of user mobile search trends to marketers, but since consumerization continues to redefine the enterprise, there’s a larger lesson for IT professionals and enterprise mobile application developers: Be aware of how employees use […]

Mobile devices and apps are driving a revolution in healthcare

The explosion of data over the past decade has been driven in large part by the proliferation of mobile devices and the growth of rich mobile apps ecosystems. This in turn has led to the “consumerization” of the enterprise, in which employees use their personal devices and preferred apps to do their jobs.  Nowhere is […]