Thriving on change through content

Growing up, I was lucky to have had the chance to travel on several occasions. At the age of eleven, I had my first experience leaving the country when my family vacationed in Rome and explored the Greek Isles. In high school, I visited Germany, giving me the opportunity to connect with my family’s roots. […]

Five natural enemies of predictive data

Years of experience helping media and marketing companies turn into performance-based data businesses has shown me that CIOs, CMOs and sales managers have high expectations that predictive analysis will be key to future success. However, many operate with an incredibly oversimplified perception of what it takes to get truly predictive data insights. At the same time, enterprise IT and […]

The emergence of the digital librarian

digital librarian DXC Blogs

Could a new Dewey decimal system become a key part of the digital content transformation? Every day, huge amounts of text, video and unstructured content are uploaded onto corporate websites around the world with sensitivity to local languages and user experience. Having worked with many of these corporate behemoths, I find that the architecture can often be […]

The critical importance of emotional triggers in healthcare IT

The influence of emotion in the healthcare IT marketing segment may be ready to skyrocket. I would argue that not since Y2K has there been more angst in the marketplace caused by the uncertainty generated by the U.S. election results. A recent headline in Healthcare IT News pretty much sums it up: Execs express dystopian view of Trump presidency’s […]

The middle ground of writing for humans and robots

I’ve spent a large part of my recent career developing enriched content that produces enriched “data exhaust.” In a nutshell I’ve learned, the more one knows about the internal indices baked into content, the more data insight one can derive when content engagement occurs. In the world of digital content development — what your CMO will call […]

CIOs must publish or perish

It struck me as I looked at a boutique financial firm’s brag sheet stating $2 billion under management that this was very similar to the vanity metrics of corporate IT – only in the case of CIOs, the metric is more focused on “petabytes under management.” This is perfectly logical in a “container-centric” model where […]

Enter the new CIO: The Content Information Officer?

I can hear the groans after reading of yet another way of bastardizing the CIO title while adding another C-Title to the already crowded management matrix. I’ve been on the record as a longtime contrarian about the mushy Chief Digital Officer moniker and cautious about the new wave of Chief Data Officers. So why on […]

Fairy tales from the future

Last year we published a video using the story of the Three Little Pigs as an analogy to enterprise mobility. It sounds a little wacky but the analogy works. We even have some snazzy animation in the video, included below. Nabil Fanaian, whom I’ve been begging to start a blog on this platform, looks incredibly lifelike. […]