Contextual workplace: The journey has started

Enterprises have already, without realising it, started a journey to delivering contextual experiences. Context enables a relevance of information. It’s an experience where information, apps, files and other data are presented based on intelligence and an understanding of a worker’s activity, location, schedule and external factors. The integration of services and technology required to deliver a contextual experience is not […]

Contextual experiences: When your world comes to life

You are working from home, concentrating hard on that critical deliverable. You’ve disabled screen alerts to get into the zone and somehow, time goes somewhere into your subconscious, and without warning you are late for an important meeting! You know you’ve been there. We’ve all been there! Beyond basic alerting systems — such as a smart […]

The future workplace is contextual

A perfect storm of technology is brewing. Cloud services are enabling highly intelligent machines, and the artificial intelligence of those machines is enabling a deep understanding of everything around us. Perhaps more importantly, that understanding is extending the ability to use intelligence to provide experiences. We are starting to see the emergence of personal digital assistants that […]