Are you really going to save money by moving to the cloud?


The number one reason most people move to the cloud is to save money. But, will you really? Sure you’re guaranteed to reduce your Capital Expenditure (CAPEX). But, if you’re not careful all you’ll end up doing is replacing your CAPEX expenses with cloud service Operating Expense (OPEX). So, before you sign the dotted line […]

Start the new year by optimizing EC2 costs

Fresh off the holidays, many are looking to reclaim order and predictability in their lives. Yes, the year-end marathon of celebratory office lunches and staff vacations can leave one in a fog yearning to return to daily structure and certainty.  Reflecting on the holiday season can give one pause to ask: “Did all of those […]

Rethinking work with an agile approach

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Regular readers will remember that last year I blogged about my conversation with fellow CSCer David Guin, who’s responsible for our global workplace strategy. David explained how a new agile office strategy, which seeks to maximize the square footage of a building and prevent waste, has helped to reduce CSC’s property portfolio by around a quarter over […]

A new perspective on cost saving

It’s safe to say that my last post, How to save $4million, was, by far, my most popular yet. Netting ten times the number of readers, it was testament, not just to the power of an arresting headline, but to the ongoing interest in ways for businesses to reduce their costs. What might have surprised […]