Saying ‘No thanks’ to Microsoft Dynamics support is more expensive than you think. Here’s why.

Microsoft Dynamics support

After you’ve spent big dollars on a major ERP or CRM implementation with Microsoft Dynamics, springing for a post-implementation support contract seems like a lot to ask. But when you consider even just a few of the common issues that arise during a system’s lifecycle, it becomes obvious why DIY support is more expensive and […]

Advanced CRM for retail

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This blog was originally posted by UXC Eclipse. Since then, UXC Eclipse has become the DXC Eclipse practice within DXC Technology. Are you getting the most out of your CRM solution? Most retailers only use CRM systems to track client purchases and conduct email marketing campaigns. But advanced CRM concepts offer so much more – […]

Cómo el día a día puede matar a la innovación

Durante décadas, me han secuestrado en reuniones de estrategia de altos directivos que concluían con una apelación a “centrarse en las competencias básicas”, para evitar la fragmentación. Entendiendo el principio, pero familiarizada como estoy con el caos, nunca me he sentido realmente cómoda con él. Muchos directivos son demasiado rígidos, en la definición de sus […]

How core competencies can kill innovation

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For decades, I’ve been held hostage in executive strategy meetings where senior management pounded away at “sticking to our core competencies” so as to avoid the risk of fragmentation. I understood the principle but, having a thriving-on-chaos personality, I was never really comfortable with it. Many senior managers are too rigid in their definition of […]

Outcomes-based pricing: Done right. Win deals.

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The potential for outcomes-based pricing has become a primary area of focus for business process services (BPS) commercial contracting. Clients and outsourcers alike have a keen interest in exploring how to make this approach work. Done right, this can be a differentiator in a winning deal, with benefits accruing to both parties. However, the majority […]