The changing nature of work

Long anticipated, digital transformation is redefining jobs and roles. Digital technologies have transcended simple process acceleration and are deconstructing our old notions about work and the workplace. Multiple gigs instead of one role Mobile technologies in particular have catalyzed the development of the gig economy. What constitutes a job, who is an employee and how […]

Crowdsourcing and Social Media’s Most Excellent Adventure

Crowdsourcing and social media are two highly functional and interactive components of our digital world that have been mostly ignored, if not shunned, by executives. Social media is the world of teenagers, and crowdsourcing is for technology-geeks who spend all night coding. Right? Naturally, I’m going to suggest that’s wrong. And, it’s so painfully wrong […]

What Innovation Isn’t

Last year I was invited to Warwick Business School to talk to a group of MBA and engineering students about that thorny topic of innovation. I thought, What could there possibly be left to say about innovation? Innovation in all its guises is the most popular category of business books, by far, and thousands of websites offer […]