DXC Tech Honors: Announcing Fellows and Distinguished

I’m excited to announce and celebrate our DXC Technology Fellows and our Distinguished Architects, Distinguished Engineers and Distinguished Technologists. They represent the best of the best in our technology community. Universally, they demonstrate extremely high levels of personal and community development and use their expertise to drive next-gen technology into their domains. These designations, which […]

Is someone missing at the Digital Transformation Table?

The term Digital Transformation rings a bell inside my head every time I hear it .. .and I hear it (much like you) so (all too?) often these days. More and more we see that organizations recognize the need to stay relevant within their sector by engaging in a digital transformation. The whole notion of […]

The modern network: Where it’s all headed

Modern networks CSC Blogs Journey to Digital

Having network components described and automated by software is part of the move toward declarative IT, where all aspects of IT are abstracted and programmatically provisioned as a service. Virtualizing the entire IT stack and running it on commodity hardware is transforming the data center. Software defined networks (SDNs) will integrate with data center network […]

Three defining characteristics of the modern platform

Modern platform CSC Blogs Journey to Digital Enterprise

The modern platform has three characteristics that distinguish it from the virtualized environments we’re all familiar with. First, the type of hardware required for a modern platform is vastly simplified. Infrastructure can shift from highly specialized, expensive servers to generic, repurposable and commodity hardware. By Christopher Keller, Senior Technology Architect, CSC Modern platform servers can […]

Digital insurance: From policy-centric to customer-centric

CSC Blogs Journey to Digital Health

Traditionally, insurers have competed on their ability to develop complex new products and sell them through a large network of agents and advisors. An inside-out focus on product innovation, transaction processing and operational efficiency has dominated the agenda. However, a critical shift in the marketplace has redefined an insurer’s path to success. Influenced by the […]

How to build a next-gen infrastructure for customer-focused finance

Banking Journey to Digital Enterprise CSC Blogs

Innovation is the life force of banking. Yet far too many banks find innovation unaffordable. To change, banks need to adopt a next-generation infrastructure that enables them to take the legacy IT architectures they’ve been building for decades and wring out savings of as much as 50 percent of their run costs. They can then […]

Automation and analytics play key role in modern networks

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Modern software defined networks (SDNs) would not be modern without the value that big data adds. Using analytics for the management and reporting of network utilization, we can spot trends and deviations through event correlation and adding context to the enterprise data model. This can be used for greater levels of optimization, or for early […]

The business benefits of the modern platform

Agility Platform update

Advances in platform technology are helping organizations make strides toward longstanding goals of agility, simplicity and cost savings. By Christopher Keller, Senior Technology Architect, CSC The transformation of platforms from complex and expensive stacks of hardware into flexible computing resources represents a major step forward in business agility. Given the ability to provision their own […]

The changing requirements of the modern workplace

As Bob Dylan sang, “The times they are a-changin’.” Today this represents the massive shift occurring due to widespread digital transformation. The digital transformation is affecting how we shop, how we choose where to live, where we choose to vacation and how we communicate. The digital transformation is also changing our view of what can […]

The importance of population health monitoring and stratification

Population health management CSC Blogs Journey to Digital

The heart of population health management is having a surveillance capability that recognizes patterns in patient data and care management characteristics and exposes impending high-risk clinical events, gaps in care coordination or non-compliance in patient situations. To manage population health effectively, an organization must be able to track and monitor the health of individual patients. […]