Keeping up with the shift to patient-centric care

Imagine a healthcare delivery model where patients lead and are in charge of their own care. How do patients and care providers collaborate to deliver optimum outcomes? Today, more patients are prepared to participate actively in their care and recovery, and they expect a seamless experience, delivered on their terms. The speed and scope of […]

Digital insurance: From big data capture to data analytics

Big data in insurance Journey to Digital CSC Blogs

Big data and the resulting insights are poised to fundamentally alter every part of the insurance value chain. We all know the insurance industry has decades of experience capturing data in transactional systems of record, and analyzing that big data to understand and price risk. This is a core competency of any insurance company. Traditional business intelligence, […]

Why banks now need customer-focused finance

Imagine a last-place football team that needs new talent, yet spends so much on uniforms, balls and other equipment, it can’t afford the salaries top players demand. That’s essentially the situation facing many banks today. These banks need innovation to keep pace. Yet they spend up to 80 percent of their IT budgets on day-to-day, “keep […]

IT Skills in Demand

One of the most popular CSC Town Halls we have ever had was on the topic of IT job skills. Perhaps more so than in any other industry, the skills that IT professionals need to be successful are always changing, always in need of updating to stay current with rapidly evolving technology. Or so one […]