From B2B to B2B2C: Capture greater market share by shifting to customer-centric manufacturing

Providing enhanced customer experiences has not typically been the primary focus for most manufacturers.  Instead, most of the consumer-oriented efforts were left to retail and channel partners. But in today’s hyper-competitive market, customer-centricity has become just as important in the business-to-business (B2B) environment. With recent technology advancements, manufacturers now have an opportunity to not only […]

3 key areas to mastering tomorrow’s customer needs

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Insurance customers of the past were passive buyers; today they’re active participants. They review insurance products and report experiences through their social networks. Their buying journey is their own, and they demand new levels of access, mobility and personalization. They want to engage on their terms and have low brand loyalty. It’s a buyers’ market. […]

Why insurers must become more customer relevant

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Insurance companies has to a large degree left the customer contact with distribution partners like care dealers, bank assurance and brokers. Successfully, many insurers have executed a product strategy, where innovation happened from inside-out, and where managing risk was the clear purpose of the product development. The policy-centric point of view profited insurers for decades. […]

As insurance goes digital, ignore these 3 trends at your peril

In the near future, the insurance marketplace will look nothing like the one you know. Regulations and a conservative business approach have insulated the industry in the past, but now, outside forces are ushering in a period of rapid change. Three key shifts underscore the change and what insurers must know to grasp the breadth […]