Improve customer engagement and loyalty with digital twins


Although our business process services view of the world tends to be focused on point-in-time transactions like the card swipe, there is an opportunity to learn from manufacturing organizations that are benefiting from the use of “digital twins” of real-world equipment as a way to sustain customer engagement. Manufacturers of equipment such as turbines have […]

¿Podrán los modernos programas de fidelización salvar al comercio tradicional?

Casi cualquier producto o servicio está ahora a sólo una búsqueda de un teléfono móvil. Algunos productos y servicios se pueden adquirir siguiendo apenas cuatro pasos en una aplicación  y recibirlos en tu misma puerta. ¿Cómo puede el comercio tradicional resistir esta presión y seguir siendo relevantes? Afortunadamente, si bien muchos expertos han decretado la […]

Can next generation loyalty programs save traditional retailers?


Nearly any product or service is now a mere mobile phone search away. Some products and services require less than four micro swipes on an app before the goods arrive at the customer’s door. What hope do traditional retailers have of remaining relevant? Fortunately, while many pundits have declared the death of retailing, these predictions […]

Five keys to improved customer loyalty in travel and transportation

What makes a customer happy, and in turn, more loyal? Customer loyalty programs are ubiquitous in the travel and transportation industry, but many companies are missing out when it comes to truly engaging with the customer and generating greater loyalty, which ultimately translates into higher profits. Companies should begin by knowing and understanding their customers. […]