Les bonnes et vraies raisons de parier sur les assistants virtuels

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Lorsque je discute avec des clients de la mise en place de la technologie d’assistant virtuel, leurs questions portent en premier lieu sur l’économie de coûts. « Comment puis-je économiser de l’argent en transférant les appels vers un assistant virtuel ? »Réduire ses coûts est un objectif bien compréhensible, mais ne percevoir le problème que […]

Virtual assistants: right move, right reasons

When I talk with clients about implementing virtual assistant technology, their initial questions revolve around cost saving. “How can I save money by ‘deflecting’ calls to a virtual assistant?” Cost savings are a critical business outcome, but that’s not the optimal approach. Virtual assistant technology is not a cost savings exercise. It’s a transformative change […]

Recipes for CX engagement on the fly

Amazon’s Alexa knows my playlist content, she curates it and gets it right 90 percent of the time. Waze handles a 50-fold traffic increase on my local roads during apple-picking season, suggesting optimal driving routes to each visitor based on a combination of predictive models. Apple’s Siri analyzes thousands of movie showings and recommends the […]

Personalization at global scale

by Teakaau Piho It’s a conundrum that faces every global brand. We live in the age of the enlightened buyer — he or she calls the shots. Consumers want products and services tailored to their specific preferences, and expect to be delighted by every brand experience. Global brands must respond to remain relevant, but they […]

Client conversations – Is anyone listening?

by Tim Szymanski Like so many in the business process services community, I am excited to be part of the customer experience (CX) revolution. Our industry plays an important role in recognizing—and improving—inflection points across the customer journey. When companies invest in an exceptional CX, everybody wins. As Forrester reported in 2016, CX leaders outperform […]

Outcomes-based pricing: Done right. Win deals.

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The potential for outcomes-based pricing has become a primary area of focus for business process services (BPS) commercial contracting. Clients and outsourcers alike have a keen interest in exploring how to make this approach work. Done right, this can be a differentiator in a winning deal, with benefits accruing to both parties. However, the majority […]