Successfully defending against social engineering attacks


While it’s the technical aspects of cyberattacks that often make headlines — software exploits, worms, ransomware, and other forms of malware — it’s actually the subversion of people (end users) that make many, if not most attacks today, successful. All attacks eventually involve technical aspects, but it’s the trickery to get someone to click on […]

8 must-reads about the email hack that potentially influenced the U.S. election

One of the biggest stories in play now regarding cybersecurity is the potential involvement of  Russian state actors in the breach of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails. The big question in the U.S. is to what extent the breaches and dissemination, primarily through WikiLeaks, of stolen email content may have tilted the election by manipulating public opinion. There are a […]

Breaking down the threat of cyber terrorism

Cyber terrorism on CSC Blogs

In April 2015, a hacking group called CyberCaliphate attacked Tv5 Monde, a French media outlet. The attack resulted in temporary control of the main website, social media accounts and interruption of 11 TV stations, crippling the company’s broadcast capabilities for hours. The group defaced the website and social media accounts by placing #Daesh propaganda on them (e.g. I am IS), […]

Think security data analytics applies just to the good guys? Think again.

Anyone who looked closely at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management data breach earlier this year knew it was a serious breach of personally identifiable information. In that single incident, records for 21.5 million individuals were stolen, including background information, Social Security numbers and even biometrics. It was immediately clear how, in the wrong hands, such data could […]