Estar al día en ciberseguridad: una estrategia para elegir las defensas más eficaces

Intentar estar al día de las últimas amenazas de ciberseguridad es una tarea ardua. Los especialistas en seguridad disponen literalmente de cientos de fuentes a las que acudir, pero no ofrecen demasiada información sobre cómo ordenarlas e identificar los recursos necesarios para construir y poner en marcha gradualmente un entorno de trabajo seguro. Para estar […]

Staying current on cybersecurity threats: A strategy for identifying the most effective resources


Trying to stay up to date on emerging cybersecurity threats is a real chore.  There are literally hundreds of sources security professionals can tap into but not a lot of information on how to sort through them and identify the resources that will complement your schedule and work environment. To stay current about the harmful […]

4 tips for better threat hunting against cyber attacks


Threat hunting has gotten a lot of publicity lately, but even with all the coverage in the security trade press it’s still largely misunderstood. Threat hunting is not about identifying random zero-day attacks. At its best, threat hunting uses software tools, network data, a solid methodology and automated metrics to ferret out information on targeted […]

The fear that keeps retailers up at night

If you’re the CIO of a retail company like Carphone Warehouse, Target or T-Mobile, do you rest easy at night knowing your company’s data is safe and secure, or do you feel constantly on edge about the next attack? These three companies, as you probably know, have fallen victim to high-profile cybercrimes in recent years. […]

SEC sees cyber attacks as one of greatest risks to financial services industry

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The financial services industry must manage many risks today – from banks that, should they fail, could compromise the global financial system to making sure new investment vehicles such as ETFs work as promised. But according to a speech given recently by SEC Chair Mary Jo White, it’s cybersecurity that poses “one of the greatest risks facing the financial services industry.” […]

Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan awakens nation to modern-day threat

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On 21 April 2016, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull officially launched the Federal government’s national cybersecurity strategy. This initiative provides the pivotal step needed for the greater protection of the nation from cybersecurity attacks that have demonstrated the potential to endanger national security. This strategy will be instrumental in providing explicit guidance to a wide range […]

Secure Life Sciences Supply Chain in an Increasingly Digital World

There are positive signs that healthcare companies are addressing many supply chain pain points, including the thorny issue of security. A UPS survey, “Pain in the (Supply) Chain,” for example, found that in just 1 year, responding healthcare companies have reported a 75% success rate in addressing product security compared with 55% in 2014. By […]