Survey: IT security pros embrace — but fear — artificial intelligence


Roughly seven out of eight IT security professionals believe artificial intelligence (AI) would help improve enterprise security, according to a recent survey. But nearly as many respondents are worried about AI being weaponized against their networks. “There is much concern about the impact of AI on company security defenses and about attackers using AI against […]

Lessons learned from the WannaCry ransomware attacks

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While the waves of ransomware infections known as “WannaCry” have settled down, with a few scattered new infections reported in Asia (notably in South Korea and Taiwan), we can all learn an important lesson from the attacks. Unfortunately that lesson will be lost on many, if not most, organizations too quickly. Throughout the day Friday, May 12, malware managed to infect a […]

8 must-reads about the email hack that potentially influenced the U.S. election

One of the biggest stories in play now regarding cybersecurity is the potential involvement of  Russian state actors in the breach of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails. The big question in the U.S. is to what extent the breaches and dissemination, primarily through WikiLeaks, of stolen email content may have tilted the election by manipulating public opinion. There are a […]

IoT botnet attacks continue, copycat emerges

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According to a blog, a new botnet malware based on a previous DDoS botnet aims to utilize vulnerable devices exploited in the recent IoT botnet Mirai attack. The new creation, dubbed Linux/IRCTelnet, was first identified by researchers at It exploits vulnerable IoT devices via hard-coded authentication credentials. This botnet malware is based on the Aidra botnet code and managed […]

The Dyn DNS attacks: What we know now

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If you thought the massive Internet outage on Friday, Oct. 21, was over, you’d better think again. According to news reports that are just surfacing, the operators of the botnet are selling access to the formidable attack-network for $7,500 per 100,000 bots. According to this Forbes post, Hackers Sell $7,500 IoT Cannon to Bring Down The Web […]

About that Twitter password ‘breach’

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Twitter recently put millions of users on notice to reset their passwords after the company learned that passwords were, somehow, available on the Dark Web. But Twitter contends — and it’s very plausible — that these passwords were not pilfered from Twitter’s servers. According to this Twitter blog post, the “purported Twitter @names and passwords may have […]