Targeting the vulnerable: Cyberattacks on healthcare IoT devices


Connected devices are revolutionizing healthcare, allowing providers to examine patients remotely, to gather vital-sign data through wearables in real time, and to advance medical research by collectively generating massive data sets. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry’s embrace of the Internet of Things (IoT) has made it a main target of cybercriminals. In a recent global survey […]

Cyberattack biggest threat against U.S. financial system


When asked during congressional testimony last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who was appearing in front of the House Committee on Financial Services, told lawmakers that the number one threat to the stability of the U.S. financial system is its ability to respond and mitigate a large-scale cyberattack against the financial system. “The clear […]

10 predicciones de seguridad para 2018

La seguridad tecnológica no se está simplificando. El crimen informático se vuelve más sofisticado. Sus daños son cada vez más graves. Y los ataques, cada vez más frecuentes. A pesar de ello, demasiados responsables de TI y seguridad informática siguen en modo reactivo. Ese es un grave error, porque ha llegado el momento de ser […]

10 security predictions for 2018

Cyber security isn’t getting any easier. Criminals are getting more sophisticated. Damages are growing more serious. And attacks are becoming more common. Yet far too many IT and cyber security leaders remain in reactive mode. That’s a serious mistake, because now is the time to be proactive. These incidents will happen, so every organization now […]

Successfully defending against social engineering attacks


While it’s the technical aspects of cyberattacks that often make headlines — software exploits, worms, ransomware, and other forms of malware — it’s actually the subversion of people (end users) that make many, if not most attacks today, successful. All attacks eventually involve technical aspects, but it’s the trickery to get someone to click on […]

Cyberattacks shut down more hospitals


As enterprises infected with PetrWrap malware last week are still recovering, the impact of the malware hit some industries harder, and the only victims certainly weren’t virtual or data. This shows just how vulnerable the most vulnerable can be under such attacks. The attack resulted in hospital computers knocked offline, with some hospitals going fully […]

What we now know about “PetrWrap”


Dubbed PetrWrap, yet another wave of ransomware hammered organizations in Europe and the United States yesterday. And just as was the case with the WannaCry ransomware, or any ransomware attack for that matter, this widespread PetrWrap ransomware attack finds systems encrypted shortly after infection and the attackers demanding a ransom to be paid. Also just […]

While majority of orgs fear big breach, they’re not prepared to respond

This is no shock to anyone who has been paying attention to data security: Nearly every organization, no matter its size or location or industry are at significant risk of a data breach. How significant? Well, if a survey just published by ID Experts, Mitigating the Inevitable: How Organizations Manage Data Breach Exposures is any […]

Phishing attacks keep financial institutions, online services on the hook

Phishing email scams CSC Blogs

Remember when email phishing attacks were all too easy to spot? The bad graphics, poor email page design and layout, paragraphs peppered with spelling errors — they were always dead giveaways. Well, those days are gone and phishing attacks are more sophisticated than ever. And while phishing attacks are primarily used to separate victims from […]

More than one in four enterprises hit by APT attacks

A report just released from the nonprofit information security advocacy organization ISACA found that, of the 660 enterprise cybersecurity professionals surveyed, just over 1 in 4, or 28%, believe they have been hit by an attack involving an Advanced Persistent Threat, or APT. In the 2015 Advanced Persistent Threat Awareness Study, about 75% of those […]