A bad week in security for Apple?

Yes, indeed, it’s been a bad week in Apple security news. Just yesterday an adware attack was discovered that targets the Apple OS X operating system, and is believed to be a viable way for attackers to insert Trojans into the systems of unsuspecting victims. According to this SC Magazine story, A new piece of […]

Department of Energy Under Continuous Cyber Attack

According to federal documents released to USA Today under a Freedom of Information Act request, systems at the Department of Energy were infiltrated by attackers more than 159 times between the years 2010 and 2014. According to the report, there were 1,131 total attempted cyberattacks, and those 159 were only those that managed to get […]

The Human Perimeter

The Human Perimeter

In an “Outside-In” world, some companies are struggling to implement unified identity and access management (I&AM). Some are asking where their security perimeter now lies. High-profile data breaches such as those at Ashley Madison, Sony, JPMorgan Chase, eBay, Adobe and Target no doubt have CIOs wondering whether they will be hit next. Is unified identity […]

Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks Still a Plague

According to a report issued yesterday by security and cloud services provider Akamai Technologies, distributed denial-of-service attacks continue to see a dramatic rise. Akamai, through the sheer size of its network, is in a position to be able to see a sizeable portion of activity on the Internet. According to most recent “State of the Internet […]

20-Nation International Cybercrime Crackdown Closes Hacking Forum

According to the F.B.I., the recently disrupted Darkode forum was “a one-stop, high-volume shopping venue for some of the world’s most prolific cyber criminals.” If reports are accurate, it certainly was. Darkode was allegedly an invite-only meeting place where malware, logon credentials, and victim identity data were shared. Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Justice and […]

Banking Malware Hits Across Many Industries

Interestingly, simple banking malware is proving more effective than more complex banking malware platforms, a new report has found. This class of malware is also finding success across industries. As the name implies, banking malware aims to pilfer the information and logon credentials needed to access bank accounts and conduct transaction fraud, such as wire […]

Espionage is not just a game of spooks

We recently wrote that the OPM Hack is a Reminder the Enterprise Must Heed. And indeed the incident shows how valuable human resources information can be to attackers. In this case, it may very well be a nation state looking for an edge in espionage, but it could just as easily, in other incidents, be […]

The Sony Hack and What It Means to You and Me

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays I attended a few parties and I was asked by a few people what I thought of the “Sony Hack.”  This was refreshing, not only because I am usually asked to fix their computers, but also because it signaled to me that this may be a “tipping point” […]