Using data governance to overcome data quality and preparation challenges

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Enterprises continue to migrate mission-critical data and applications to the cloud, which offers more efficiency, scalability and accessibility than on-premises computing environments. More than two-thirds of IT professionals (68%) in a recent survey on data usage said they are using the cloud to store “more or all of their data”, and to host their artificial […]

El talón de Aquiles de las redes neuronales y del aprendizaje automático

Los humanos aprenden rápido, al absorber y procesar los datos del mundo que los rodea. Más tarde, a medida que comienzan a entender el lenguaje, pueden “programarse” a través de representaciones formales de información: escuchar a las personas mayores y hacer preguntas, leer y mirar / escuchar contenido de video y audio. Hay una serie […]

The Achilles’ heel of neural networks and machine learning


Humans learn first by naturally absorbing and processing data about the world around them. Later, as they begin to understand language, they can be “programmed” through formal representations of information — listening to older people and asking questions, reading, and watching/listening to video and audio content. There are a number of factors that determine how […]

Quality data is essential to a quality customer experience

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Understanding your customer is one of the keys to success in business. Thanks to big data and analytics, enterprises have more tools and information than ever to compile detailed profiles of customers in order to better serve them and anticipate their needs. But volume isn’t the only consideration when it comes to leveraging data: The […]

Data quality should be everyone’s job

In a recent post I talked about how misinterpretations of big data and subconscious biases can undermine an analytics program in a way that could jeopardize the business. Another potential pitfall comes from the data itself. Enterprises now can capture vast amounts of data, much of which (such as information from mobile apps or geo-location) […]

Are undetected biases distorting your big data results?

Big data and analytics can open the doors of perception for many enterprises, introducing them to new insights that can drive their businesses to greater heights. However, just because you have data doesn’t mean you have accurate data or that you’re interpreting it correctly. Inaccurate and misinterpreted data can drive your business into the ground. […]