Using data governance to overcome data quality and preparation challenges

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Enterprises continue to migrate mission-critical data and applications to the cloud, which offers more efficiency, scalability and accessibility than on-premises computing environments. More than two-thirds of IT professionals (68%) in a recent survey on data usage said they are using the cloud to store “more or all of their data”, and to host their artificial […]

El talón de Aquiles de las redes neuronales y del aprendizaje automático

Los humanos aprenden rápido, al absorber y procesar los datos del mundo que los rodea. Más tarde, a medida que comienzan a entender el lenguaje, pueden “programarse” a través de representaciones formales de información: escuchar a las personas mayores y hacer preguntas, leer y mirar / escuchar contenido de video y audio. Hay una serie […]

The Achilles’ heel of neural networks and machine learning


Humans learn first by naturally absorbing and processing data about the world around them. Later, as they begin to understand language, they can be “programmed” through formal representations of information — listening to older people and asking questions, reading, and watching/listening to video and audio content. There are a number of factors that determine how […]