DDoS attacks grow more popular, targeted


A new State of the Internet/Security: Web Attack report finds the number of distributed denial of service attacks to be growing, already up 16 percent over all of last year. The report also found that Russia and China are initiating the most credential-based attacks against the hospitality industry. The report proved records are made to be […]

IoT botnet attacks continue, copycat emerges

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According to a MalwareMustDie.org blog, a new botnet malware based on a previous DDoS botnet aims to utilize vulnerable devices exploited in the recent IoT botnet Mirai attack. The new creation, dubbed Linux/IRCTelnet, was first identified by researchers at MalwareMustDie.org. It exploits vulnerable IoT devices via hard-coded authentication credentials. This botnet malware is based on the Aidra botnet code and managed […]