Automating and orchestrating “SecOps” and integrating service management


By Curtis Price, IDC Managing an enterprise’s security posture and mitigating risk continues to be a top of mind concern for corporate executives. Enterprises are not only spending more on technologies to prevent attacks, but also establishing procedures for quickly and effectively responding to a breach. However, as organizations develop holistic security strategies that span […]

Ridurre i rischi durante la trasformazione digitale

La trasformazione digitale e la gestione del rischio aziendale possono essere viste come due autostrade parallele. Questo perchè qualsiasi tipo di trasformazione introdurrà nuovi rischi e cambierà il livello di sicurezza generale dell’organizzazione. Mentre le imprese continuano le loro ottimizzazioni digitali, la trasformazione della sicurezza e della gestione dei rischi deve essere parte integrante di […]

Why a “design for operations” approach is essential for service-based IT

To deliver on digital transformation and improve business performance, enterprises are adopting a “design for operations” approach to software development and delivery. By “design for operations” we mean that software is designed to run continuously, with frequent incremental updates that can be made at scale. The approach takes into consideration the end-to-end costs of delivering […]

Reducing risk in digital transformation

Digital transformation and enterprise risk management can be thought of as parallel highways. That’s because any transformation effort will introduce new risks and change to the organization’s overall security posture. As organizations continue their digital transformations, the transformation of security and risk management must be an integral part of that journey. Organizations must integrate security […]

Breaking through with managed DevSecOps on AWS


Any time you can bridge a divide or break down a barrier, you create value. Digital transformation is helping a lot of companies do exactly that in the way they innovate, compete and communicate. But there’s also a lot of value to be gained from the way we build new digital-driven systems and solutions. Until […]

Changing up security to protect a CPG’s hybrid cloud journey


Retail and consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies have been operating in a radically shifting business environment for years. To survive and thrive, they’ve had to embrace new technologies that also are radically changing. Cloud initiatives, for example, are morphing to hybrid approaches that mix on premise, hosted private and public clouds. And that change begets more […]

Five keys to getting DevSecOps right


It’s amazing how successfully DevOps has spread through enterprises in recent years. Most enterprises are either completely embracing DevOps tools and practices, or they’re doing so within certain teams with plans to expand organization-wide in the near term. But the move to DevOps isn’t evenly embraced by all enterprise constituents. In fact, the fast and […]